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A Seattle Lexicon:
Lingo from the Far Corner

The Seattle area, like most other locales, has its own shorthand notations for referencing different places, locations, and things. The following lexicon is intended as an interpretive guide for non-Northwesterners who want to get the inside line on the local lingo. You'll notice the penchant of the local native to reduce place references down to the absolute minimum. This is largely due to Seattle still being just small enough to have an abundance of one of the kind places and things.

The terms listed here range from the frequently to the seldomly used. Non-Nortwesterners should use these terms (in the vain hope of fitting in) only at the risk of being greeted by frequent blank stares. While some terms are known by virtually all Northwesterners, and actually spoken by many, others are known only to some or a few, while spoken by even fewer. However, if you hear one said, armed with this lexicon, you'll know what is meant.

A Seattle Lexicon:

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